Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ol' Spaghetti Arms

(Thanks to those of you who've offered advice re: shampooing.  I'm going to try again tonight.  Wish us luck!)

Speaking of Tricky Things Associated With Toddlerhood, here's TTAWT #2:

K. has mastered a trick to assist him when he's feeling obstinate.  He knows that the way his mom picks him up is by hooking her hands under his armpits (you moms out there know how this is done, even if I am describing it awkwardly).  Well, somewhere along the way he figured out that if he lets his arms go COMPLETELY LIMP, he can cause a lot of trouble and frustration for Dear Old Mom.  

(For those of you who are visual learners: raise your arms above your head and, instead of holding them firmly away from your body at 90 degree angles, give yourself Spaghetti Arms.)

It both annoys and amuses me that he has caught on about how to do this.  And now that he can, he lays it on me at, of course, the MOST inopportune times.  Like when I'm trying to get him into the car when we are, of course, already running 5 minutes late.  Or when he insists on pulling all of the items off the bottom shelf at CVS and I've realized we need to skee-daddle.

I wish I could do that, applying it to my own life.  Horrendously messy kitchen, with dishes piled to the ceiling?  Not gonna deal with it!  Give it the ol' Spaghetti Arm trick!   Stuck in traffic, with no escape route to be seen?  Buh-bye!  Time for Spaghetti Arms!  Time to balance the checkbook?  Nope, sorry, I've got these Spaghetti Arms.

Oh, if it were only that easy...


Shannon said...

Oh, I agree with everything you said and we experience the same thing. It just happened to me a few hours ago when I was putting him upstairs for nap and he was happily playing with his sister. I got a "no, no, no" response as I was carrying him upstairs and he became limp. So I had to switch the hold to a baby cradle, of which he also hates and flings his body this way and that way. As I am huffing and puffing up our basement stairs to the upstairs level. It drives me nuts and also makes me laugh.


julie said...

Mine does this violent twist/throw himself to the ground/hold his arms firmly to his sides/scream "NO!" I like your idea of using Toddler Tactics for adult related stuff. Next time someone brings me a mucked up TER, I'm pulling a Spaghetti Arms!

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