Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Airplanes Zooming (Quite Literally) Overhead

Those of you who live inside the beltway know that one of DC's most exciting attractions is Gravelly Point, this huge expanse of land where you can stand and watch the planes landing and taking off from Reagan National Airport.  And I don't mean just "Oh, this is lovely, look at that plane over there." I mean "OH MY GOD THAT ONCOMING PLANE IS GOING TO FLATTEN ME LIKE YESTERDAY'S PAPER!!!!"  

It's very similar to that scene in Wayne's World.

Anyway, against my better judgment, DH convinced me to join him in taking K. there the other day, since he loooooves planes and helicopters and All Things That Fly.  Well, needless to say he was not disappointed.  

Whenever a plane charged in for a landing, we held him up high and made sure to cover his little ears by applying heavy pressure with our hands.  His eyes grew big as saucers, and I think I felt him trembling a little bit, but every single time, he pointed to the plane after it had passed and said "Up!" .... which I took as a positive endorsement.

Incidentally, I asked an audiologist friend whether we did any permanent damage to our young child's ears by taking him to a place were jet engines were, um, literally flying within a couple hundred feet from his head.  She said "Nah, just don't take him there every day for hours at a time or anything like that."  Phew!  So now you know.


julie said...

I just have to say you look so skinny in that picture!
I asked my Dr about aural damage while B was in utero if I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert. She probably thought I was going to drink or something (which I would never have done!) so she told me it might cause damage and advised me not to go. I'm glad I didn't - not only did it rain the entire time, it was like 95 degrees at 11 PM.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

SO cute. I remember taking sweet R there and he loved it.

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