Wednesday, July 23, 2008


He goes in for the first scoop ...

Takes a successful bite...

And gives a repeat performance!

Yet another aspect of our beach vacation that I enjoyed was observing my cousin K.'s kids (boys aged 6 and 3, and girl twins who will be 2 in a few weeks) and how my own K. interacted with them.  

One thing I noticed was how grown up they all seem at meal times - especially the little girls. They sit up in chairs like normal little adults and use regular utensils with no problem!  

This got me thinking that I should really get K. practicing his spoon usage.  He has indicated interest often enough, usually grabbing the spoon out of my hand when I am feeding him, but I confess that the neat freak in me hasn't wanted to let him experiment because of the inevitable mess it would cause.

Well, the past few days that we've been back home I've loosened up a little, and yesterday I let him have at it with the spoon.  To my delight, he took to it pretty well, as the pictures above will attest!

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