Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Polly Want a Cracker?

We all know language explodes during the toddler stage.  Well, our little one is no exception. (apologies for being a braggart here)  My husband and I have agreed that he is trying desperately to converse with us just like an adult.  He'll imitate the way we talk in his own made-up language, and he repeats all kinds of different sounds like crazy.  

To wit: he's on a "woah" kick.  I never realized how much I say "Woah!" in everyday conversation, or when I am talking just with him.  Every single time I do, K echoes, pronouncing it perfectly: "WOAH!"  

Well, the funniest example of his "parroting" came a few days ago.

The background: Ever since he was tiny, I've been pointing out our cat to K. and saying "Meow!" Well, he has indeed caught on to the sound, except for some reason it always comes out with an L: "Leow Leow Leow!"  

And he's bypassed saying "cat" altogether.  Now, he says "dog" for a canine but "leow" for a cat. Or, when our own cat meows, he'll repeat it: "Leow, Leow, Leow."

Well, two nights ago Spouse went in to check on K, fast asleep in his crib.  As he was pulling up K's blanket, our cat walked into the room.  The cat pesters my husband like nobody's business, and this night he was meowing up a storm.  

So, after the first loud "Meow," little K repeated: "Leowwwwwwww..." and then rolled over and drifted back to sleep.

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