Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thank you, L Word!

During the cold and lonely TV "off season" (ie, when my favorite shows like Lost and Gossip Girl and Curb Your Enthusiasm are in hiatus) I've been searching for a fix, and I've finally found one. The L Word!  

It's basically Sex and the City starring lesbians ... with great hair.  I've got it loaded up in my Netflix queue and have plowed through Seasons 1-3 in only a few weeks.  

I guess, then, that it should come as no surprise that this pastime has provided me with the inspiration for a new haircut.  I went and got my hair chopped off yesterday, in hopes of imitating Alice in Season 1:

I like it.  It's easy and feels good in the hot weather.  And... it's remarkably similar to the 'do of another esteemed lesbian, Ellen Degeneres:

When I announced my new 'do to my husband, he was not surprised.  He knows I'm obsessed with that show now.  His only comment: "The L Word?" My reply: "Yup."


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