Thursday, July 3, 2008

End of an Era?

OK, we've officially come to the Time When K Will Not Sit Still for a Stroller Ride.  I have dreaded this day, because taking him in the jogging stroller is my only opportunity for my lame attempts at exercise.  I suppose I could ask DH if he would watch K early-early in the morning while I do a quick run, but my spouse is, um, NOT a morning person.

Anyway, yesterday I met my friend T for a walk with our little ones and mid-way through K started crying.  He then started WAILING and trying to climb out of the stroller mid-stride.  I tried to ignore this and hide from his line of sight, and all the while pushing the stroller (if he sees me, it only gets worse).  However, he was having none of it.  

He finally had a full blown temper tantrum and so out of sheer embarrassment I picked him up and proceeded to walk while carrying all 22 lbs of him.  Of course the crying stopped INSTANTLY.  And of course within about 4 minutes my arm felt like it was going to fall off onto the sidewalk.  My friend kindly offered me her Baby Bjorn (we haven't used ours in months since K is almost entirely too big for it).  

I was desperate, so I belted up (after several embarrassing pauses to loosen the slack - I am an elephant compared to tiny T) and put K in the Bjorn.  He was actually satisfied for the rest of the walk home (about 30 minutes), but I was a sweating mess.  Fun.  

This morning, I tried again on my own, with a different stroller.  He lasted even less time today - roughly 15 minutes into the trip he was climbing out, standing up as I pushed, wailing as if being tortured, and reaching for me to pick him up.  I'm sure the people driving by thought it was hilarious.  I ditched what I had hoped would be at least a good half hour trek and headed to the local Starbucks, where he sits and watches the trucks go by while I gulp down my morning coffee.

I always took for granted that K would be fine in a stroller while I got much-needed physical activity for the day.  Sigh.  I hope this is just a phase... and not the end of an era.

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