Thursday, July 10, 2008

But Then Again, We Already Knew That...

You may have seen this USA Today article about a new study showing that seeing their babies smile triggered a positive chemical reaction in first-time moms, one equivalent to the high from cocaine or nicotine.  (I knew those hormones felt good, but I didn't realize they felt THAT good!)

One of the study directors is quoted: "All good mothers are addicted to their newborn babies. They will do things that are above and beyond the call of duty."

Ah, yes, to that point, I'm sure we all have stories to relate.  Ours ranged from my husband checking on the baby LITERALLY every 15 minutes when we first moved him to his crib (His defense: "If I don't keep staring at the baby, he will stop breathing") to one of us always riding in the back seat with him in the car while the other drove, chauffeur-style, to make sure we had no mid-trip meltdowns.  

Now that K is older, I'm glad we don't do these exhausting things anymore, but ... if I am honest with myself, I will admit that the previous set of overly-protective tasks has been traded in for a new set of age-appropriate ones.  I guess that will be the case until he's 18 - or older.  

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julie said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who sits in the back seat with her child! Yes, "sits" in the present tense. I don't feel at all bad about being overprotective - it's a big scary world out there. I've already decided B's college roommate is going to be his daddy...

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